Thursday, June 25, 2009

Endless Possibilities is going to be part of!

Above is a link to Emmaline Bride. We were sent a really wonderful email from this company a couple of days ago. They said they loved our website, had a board meeting and showed our site off and everyone loved our wedding plaques so much that they would like to invite us to be part of their site and post pictures of our work with a link to our website for their brides and grooms to come to and purchase plaques. This site was built to give brides and grooms a variety of handmade/homemade wedding items that regular bridal botiques don't offer. Many brides and grooms in today economy are always looking for deals and this has become the way many are saving money. So we did our reserch to make sure they were ligit first ofcourse and then said YES!!!! We will soon be featured in some of the areas of the website, and blog and I believe the soon to be magazine. As a "baby" home/small business this was a huge deal for us and we are so excited to embark upon it. So look for us there soon. The link is above and as soon as I know we are up on the site I will let you know. Great News all around!