Friday, March 21, 2008

Vinyl Tiles to accent a Kitchen

There are such creative ways to add Vinyl to your home! For example, by doing so in the kitchen! Many people have such creative ways that they want to display these tiles, here are a few ideas... I just love them and I know you would too.

Say it out load! Personal touch to any couples bedroom.

Do you have a favorite song that you and a special someone share? What about a phrase you always use toward one another? This was a great idea a friend of mine did in her home. She does vinyl as well and was able to cut some of my vinyl before I got my own plotter. Try this unique approach to adding your own personal message with your spouse. This particular song is by Keith Whitley " You say it best when you say nothing at all" Then the big letters "Love you More." You can do this in any size or font and color.

Decor for bathrooms... Even a Child's!

There are so many different ways to accent a bathroom, even a child's bathroom! One of my favorite themes to use is The Beach! Are you wondering how to make your beach theme different than others? Start by using one of the many sayings there are to choose from. This particular saying is in my own children's bathroom. It was so in expensive and yet added just the right touch to the bathroom walls.

So Many Sayings...

There are so many cute sayings... this being one of them. I added this to my laundry room giving it just a bit of color and something to fun to look at. With this popular saying, it is a great way to add that special touch to a room noone thinks to decorate, yet everyone sees at one time or another!

Inspirational Sayings... For Every Room...

These are some of my favorite inspirational sayings that many people love to add as a personal simple touch to their homes. From your favorite Verse, Scripture or just that Favorite Saying... You can add these personal touches to any Wood, Canvas, or Tile... Making Art Personable.
The Words on the wall with the sail boat are such an inspiration to me. Giving me a work of personalized art for my bedroom. Many of my clients love to display their own thoughts and ideas themselves. This not only gives me the opportunity to create something special for others but gives me a chance to make something new and learn from it.
The Tiles are such a simple and in expensive way to add personality to any room in your home! Display ideas for tiles are Endless...I am able to include an elegant stand for this to sit atop of, or by using a bracket on the back, can allow you to hang them from the wall! I have also seen some clients set tiles on shelves or fire places. Wherever you choose to display them they will add character to any room! Thus becoming one of my favorite things create.

Because Every Picture has a Story To Tell!

I absolutely love this special wall in my house. I choose to do this wall in a non traditional manner giving me the opportunity to tell the story of our friends, family and loved ones.......
I began decorating this wall by putting the vinyl saying directly on the wall, then simply began displaying favorites pictures all around it in no particular order. I have recieved more compliments on this wall than ever thought imaginable, giving me the perfect way to "Tell A Story". How can we create your story wall just for you?

Grandparents Sayings...

"Grandparents hold our tiny hands for just alittle while....but our hearts forever"

What a special saying! In our home we have what we call our grandparent wall. Giving our children, family and friends a place to see not only all the special grandparents that our still in our lives today, but the ones who are no longer with us as well. What a great, yet simple way to pay tribute to Grandparents or Mothers on thier special days!

Great way to Decorate any Teenager's Room (design/items for sale)

Do you have a pre-teen or a teenager?? This is so simple yet fun to do! This room only took me an hour to do, and the best part is the vinyl will not peal the paint off the wall. This a great option if you would rather not paint the walls.

Accenting Arch Ways!

This is a simple elegant way to accent any arch way in your home. It also can serve as a way to decorate white walls and add color.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kitchen Vinyl Decor....

Wine is bottled poetry
For anyone who may rent or just wants to accent a plain white wall, this is one of the easiest and best ways to add warmth and a inviting feeling when enter the room. Adding grape vine leaves even adds to the feel and flow of the room.

Welcome to my first posting for Endless Possibilities!

"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord"

This quote is a very simple and popular. It can be added to entry ways, dens or even kitchens in anyone's home. It also looks great on walls and wood plaques.