Saturday, April 25, 2009

Endless Possibilities is Now being Sold at This That & The Other Country Store in Bracken Village!

The surrounding stores at Bracken Village

Mother's Day Special ! Come take part and see if you win this gift basket filled with items from every store in the Village!

This That & The Other Store were Endless Possibilities Vinyl Lettering Design is now being sold!

Our little shop is the original "Wash House" for the Burkhardt family. This building was built on location circa 1903.
This That & The Other is all about handmade, handcreated arts, crafts and furnishings. We have items for inside and outside your home, yourself and your spouse.
We are a consignment shop, which means you can choose from a variety of different and unique crafts, gifts and ideas.Our little shop is locally owned and operated; allowing us to support local craftsman. We search local sites, craft shows and fairs for the best people and merchandise. We will do our best to provide you with the highest quality product and unique styles.We are located in Bracken Village. If you are driving North on Nacogdoches/2252 from 1604 or Evans we are the 1st entrance. If you are driving South on 2252 from 3009 we are the 2nd entrance. See you soon.

Endless Possibilities is now selling their work here! We have decided to try to expand our business and Tommy the owner of the store contacted us and we went out there and she has hand selected tons of items all handmade by Endless Possibilities Vinyl Lettering Design! How exciting is that! So if your ever out at Bracken Village the most fun unique shopping area full of good ole' country living stores and barns and crafts you name it, stop on by. Chris and I are very excited to now have our work being sold at a store! God is so Good! Above are some pictures of the place and surrounding areas and a Mother's Day Special they are running which as a seller now we are promoting for all to see and take part in!

Brother will you..... Always be my friend?

I have seen these and had many clients email me this quote and send me different sayings related to this quote and finally decided to make the set for a brother and sisters rooms as room decor. I love these quotes. As a mother of 4 children, two being boys its a perfect addition to any bedroom with brothers in it. This can be done in many colors and styles of font and design to match a brothers "boys" room. We have many masculine decals that we can also add in between each sentence if desired. This is just one way to make this quote and one way to celebrate the bond between brothers.
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Sister will you..... Always be my friend?

I have seen this also done many different ways and in many styles of colors, design, fonts, etc.... This is the perfect tribute to Sisters. Its also the perfect decor for any Sisters room decor. This is something that can be customly made to match any bedroom decor. As a mother of 4 children and 2 of them being girls, on first sight I fell in love with the quote. Its very female and I have many other decals that can be put in between each sentence or on the sides and corners of any style of wooden plaque. This is also a quote that can be done in Vinyl Lettering and go straight to Walls. Its the perfect tribute to any Sisters out there.
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Family... the ones you live with, laugh with, and love

This is a wonderful wooden plaque to have in your home. The quote is very popular and oh so true! This can also be done in many different colors of paint, and vinyl colors and designs. It can be a custom order to fit any home decor and furnishings. Can also just be done as vinyl lettering for your walls around family pictures. What a great way to celebrate your family wall with.
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All because two people fell in love

This is a very popular saying and one I have been asked to make. This saying as many well know can be done hundreds of different ways in many different colors and designs. On wood, metal, tile, glass, walls and more. Its the perfect quote for any couple and any couple with children. Custom design is something we really strive for at Endless Possibilities and if you like what you see but want different colors to match your home decor, we can do it!
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Alamo City Etsy Team Banner

I am part of a Etsy Street Team to help local home San Antonio Business get there name out in the public eye and get out Etsy Stores noticed online. It is Fiesta, Fiesta here in San Antonio and the leader of our Team got a permit to have a Wake/Bake Sale on Saturday April 25th. So she asked me to make a banner to put in front of our table and a banner that we can use whenever we have a event like this to get us noticed. So we did it! We were able to download Etsy's logo and Endless Possibilities logo and once the Alamo City Team's Logo is done we will add it also to the empty corner of this banner. Its the perfect eye catching banner all done in Vinyl Lettering! If you ever need a banner for a event for your company/business for craft fairs and more please keep us in mind! We can help and do it much cheaper than our competitors and Sign Stores out there! So come down to Fiesta, Fiesta by the El Sol Studios and come buy some treats so we can raise money to support are local Etsy Store Business here in San Antonio, Texas!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Etsy Sellers Unite for Etsy Day — Join in!

The Etsy Forums have united and declared Friday, April 24th, 2009, Etsy Day! Hurrah! We here at Etsy love you for working together to create a really exciting opportunity for us all. We will be reporting the guerilla marketing on Friday and we challenge YOU, buyer, seller or fan, to shout "Etsy!" from the rooftops. Get the Etsy name out there in the brightest, sparkly-est, boldest way you can think of! Make sure to record your efforts with video or photos (if you upload photos to flickr, making sure to tag them "Etsy Day 2009"). We'll be highlighting the funniest, weirdest, most attention grabbing efforts here on Etsy's Blog and on our social networks (like our Facebook page and Twitter), and we'll make sure to link back to you.

To learn more about Etsy Day, check out the latest forum post by Shugirl here.

Here are some ideas from the Etsy Admin:

If you get people to sign up for Etsy on Friday make sure they mention your Etsy username in the Referrer Username box at sign up! If we see a user who really rocks this, we'll automatically include you in our Etsy Day follow up post. So if you print out flyers, get on the news, or get Ashton Kutcher to tweet about Etsy, make sure you get your username in there, too!
Tweet your endeavors via Twitter and make sure to add the hash tag #EtsyDay. (And send it to @aplusk. Let's get Ashton Kutcher's attention on Etsy Day. Ha! Mr. Most Twitter Followers.)
Support a new seller on Etsy Day! Buy an item from someone with no sales (you can find them on Pounce Undiscovered), and wish them a "Happy Etsy Day" in the Message to Seller field when you check out.
Print out schugirl's Etsy sign to stick in your car window or download and print out the design Anda made for Etsy Day!
Get an Etsy tattoo!
Dress your family in all orange. When you get weird looks, whisper "Etsy".
One final clarification..."Etsy" is pronounced like "Betsy" with no B.
Ok, we're getting silly now. Let's hear your own Etsy Day guerilla marketing ideas! Post them in the comments below. And don't forget to post photos of your wildest Etsy Day promotions to Flickr and tag them "Etsy Day 2009"!

The Fine Print: This promotion is being sponsored by independent Etsy shop owners, not We're just excited about it

Monday, April 20, 2009

Custom Wedding/Engagement Plaque Order


This plaque was done in a big hurry!! But we got it done for our customer who needed it by Thursday the 23rd. WE worked really fast and got it done for her and it turned out perfect!!!

She wanted a rust colored red and we had brick red so after playing with colors I combined two of my colors together to get this rusty red color she loved. I hope that my customer likes it! Its in the mail tomorrow overnighted!!! You will have your Wedding Gift right on time, I promise!

If anyone has a rush order that they need last minute, please let us know. We do our best to work with our customers to get it all right and in the mail and to them by the deadline. Extra shipping cost's for rushes are always a must! However, if you ever find yourself in a pinch and want something you know the person or person's you are getting it for will love it then its worth it! Just leave me a email or a conversation and I will get on whatever rush job is needed!

Endless Possibilities Promise!

(all rush jobs paid for go to the top of the list)
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

...and they lived happily ever after.

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This has been a recent custom order of mine. I have had lots of emails regarding the quote but never have done it before now. It is painted in the black paint and cream colored vinyl lettering as customer requested to match her bedroom decor. This couple was just married and it makes for a cute wedding gift also. This can be done in many different colors and fonts and wood sizes, metal signs, tiles or attached right to your walls. Perfect also for couples who have been married awhile and they want something to add to their wedding walls and pictures.
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Motherhood, toughest job you'll ever love!


How cute is this. Done in all neutral tones to match any home decor but can be made custom to your liking to fit any home decor or style. Its the perfect Mother's Day gift to any mommy out there. Can be made to order also for grandmothers, aunts, father's, grandpa's uncle, godparents etc... It has Endless Possibilities!!!

Wood painted dark tan, with brick red vinyl lettering and lite cream colored vinyl lettering on top. Can be made to fit any custom ordered wood size, can go on metal signs which I also have in black and tan. It can also be vinyl lettering right on the walls.
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A House is made of Wood and Stone


I love this quote and always have. Its stands for a home built on family love. Something all homes should have. The quotes reads:

A House is made of Wood and Stone but only Love can make a Home"

You can't get much truer than that. I have made this in a color that is neutral but can be made in many colors and designs to fit a familys home decor. Its simple and beatiuful all at the sametime. Perfect also for any new couple who just married or just had a new member to the family etc.... All my items at Endless Possiblities make for great gift ideas.
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Children Our blessings from up above


I love this plaque. Its simple and perfect to add to any wall of pictures of your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews etc.... The wording can be changed of course to fit the need as well as what you want the quote to go on. It can go right on your walls, on tile, metal signs, and much more. There is nothing more precious than our children and with Mother's and Father's Day coming up this is what a parent always feels toward their children. That they are a blessing from up above.
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Happy Mother's Day 2009 Frame


Oh, this is so cute. Its the perfect little picture frame to give to mom for Mother's Day. You can even give it to a grandma or aunt or godmother. It can be painted blue from boys, or pink from girls or just like this in pink and girl colors just for mom. It hold a 3x5 picture in it. It is a wall hanger or can be set in a holder for a desk, or table, end table etc.... What a cute adorable gift. Can also be made for first time Mommy's!! It can be made to say Happy 1st Mother's Day 2009! Perfect all the new mommies out there.
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Flowers need the sun, Children need thier Mother's


Ok, I love this tile. Its bright and colorful and eye catching. Its the perfect Mother's Day gift to any Mom from her kids. Again, the wording can be changed to fit the person you want it for. Granma's, Nana's, Aunts, Godmother's etc.... Its a fun, and cute way to say Happy Mother's Day and very inexpensive.
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Fatherhood Tile


While making all my Mother's Day items I have also started making some Father's Day items as well. There will be more to come,but this is done on a rust colored tile and I just love this quote.

"Fatherhood, a journey a man takes with his heart"

This also can be done many different ways. Wood plaques, metal signs, and much much more. It also a perfect end table, desk piece to set up for him to see while he is busy at work and remember his kids with. It can be made for Grandfathers, Uncles and Godfathers etc.... The wording as with many of the Mother's Day wordings can be changed up to fit your personal needs.
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God made you my Mother, Love made you my Friend


I am in love with this tile piece. Its the perfect Mother's Day gift for any mom. Its perfect from any son or daughter to give young or old. Its wording can be changed again from Mother to grandmother aunt etc.... It can be done many different ways on wood, metal, picture frames and more. Imagination is the limit. I put this on a simple white tile with black Fancy script lettering and some red doves and vines. Its just the perfect end table or desk piece for that special mom to always see.
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God couldn't be everywhere, thats why he made Moms


This is a large metal cream colored picture frame that fits a 4x6 picture in the middle. This item makes for a great inexpensive Mother's Day gift from children to thier mother. Its also something she will love because the quote say's it all!

God couldn't be everywhere, thats why he made Moms!

I think most mom's would agree! The coloring of vinyl is also done in burgundy. Mother's Day is around the corner so don't miss out on all the New Mother's Day items we have at Endless Possiblities.
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