Monday, March 30, 2009

Announcement! Jody Cooper Photography is coming to San Antonio!

Jody Cooper Photography will be in Texas from June 5-15, she is offering half off her session for a savings of $25.00! Also if you order a cd receive an additional $50.00 of the purchase of a cd! *For Wedding Discounts, please contact Jody. Click on her link to book your session today! Make sure to tell her Endless Possibilities sent you!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Alamo City Etsy
San Antonio, Texas
The Alamo City Etsy street team is a cooperative group of crafters, artists, and artisans living and working in San Antonio area who sell their wares on Etsy. Our mission is to unite San Antonio Indie Crafters and develop a close-knit community while working together to build our businesses. Search Etsy for items from this team by using the keyword “ACEST”
Hello new ACE Member!

We’re a growing street team working together to grow our businesses and foster friendships on and off of the internet. You can be as involved as you want to be. As a member of the team, you will be listed on our Team profile (coming soon!), Myspace page and this Blog. You will be eligible to have items featured in our Showcase and you can submit posts to our blog.

Our mission is to unite San Antonio Indie Crafters and develop a close-knit community while working together to build our businesses.

Our local meetings will be on the Saturday following First Friday each month at 2pm.

The Alamo City Etsy team is very relaxed and participation is a voluntary affair. We won't spam you and there are no enrollment periods or membership fees. We just get together and have a good time. We do make a few requests, but they are beneficial to both seller and team alike.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ideas from my customers along with some of my work done by images sent to me!

When a customer emails me and asked me if I can make something they have seen somewhere else, my answer to them is always well send me a picture of what you seen and we will go from there. Here are some of the pictures sent to me lately and 3 of them I have done for customers. I just haven't gotten pictures of my work on their walls yet which I am really waiting for so I can post them for you all to see. This is something that Endless Possibilities is huge on doing. Beating my competitors prices and my customers coming to me with a picture saying can you do this and can you do it for less then this company is charging? Always, Always I can do it for less! In these tough economical times no one should be charging people the high prices of Vinyl Lettering that I have seen out there. I am one of the cheapest Vinyl Lettering Business out there right now on Etsy and around the Internet. That has been my goal from the beginning and if you find someone cheaper than me. Just ask and I will beat it! We all need to save money these days and by coming to Endless Possibilities you can do that and still have nice Vinyl Lettering on your walls at your own home. So if you see something you like, remember send me the picture of it, and we will create it to how you want it done and we will charge you less then the competition is charging you including your shipping! So come check out Endless Possibilities at and lets see what we can do for you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vinyl Wall Quote (Ends 04/13)

Endless Possibilities in Vinyl Lettering Design Giveaway
(Click here to go to the contest page)
Prize; Prize Value: 2 line Custom Vinyl Wall Quote, $20
End Date: 04/13
Can Be Won: U.S. only
How Many Winners: 1 winner
Etsy Account: IS NOT NEEDED
Prize From or Submitted by:

Rules / Other Information: Check out Endless Possibilities Etsy Store and/or her Blog let me know an item that interests you and what saying you'd use. Extra Entries: Order from Endless Possibilites and get 10 extra entries Blog about this, with a link back to Endless Possibilites Tweet about it and follow me on twitter The winner can custom order a quote for thier winnings or choose a quote from what I have posted and or on my blog at the bottom thier are over 2500 quotes to choose from.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Easter Greetings Entryway Plaque


This is so cute. Its a new Easter font I found that the lettering is done inside of each Easter Egg. Its the perfect entryway door hanger to help welcome your guest and decorate your home with. The wood is painted in white and trim in yellow. Each egg is switched out in spring colors with a Easter Bunny face and eggs to bring it all together. Its even the perfect Easter gift to give to a friend or family member. This can be done in different colors also of paint and vinyl.
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The Story of Easter


I found this quote and feel in love with it. Its the perfect addition to any home decor you decorate with during Easter that represents your faith and beliefs. Not only that its really cute! The wood is painted purple and Vinyl lettering in White, with a added decal of a easter basket filled with easter eggs. This can be placed on a plate stand, or hung on a wall with the hooks on the back of the wood or ribbon can be added if desired.
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Easter Blessings


I was asked recently if I was making any holiday items for Easter. Why, yes I am! I have made 3 different Easter items to post. This is a long wooden paddle that I made into a door hanger with the quote of Easter Blessings and colored eggs and a easter basket and a easter bunny's head on it in all different colors. Colors of Spring! This can be made in different colors ofcourse. Its cute and perfect way to Welcome Easter into your home.
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I had this quote above my bed at our old home and remade it to put above my bed again. I love this quote. Its perfect for a couples room and or a wedding/engagement present. This can be done and applied to wood and other plaque surfaces as well. Its a very pretty cursive writing and is above all a perfect quote for a married couple. Its done in black Vinyl and can be applied right to the wall.
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Love One Another Vinyl Wall Quote


This is another popular quote to add to a couple's bedroom or to a collage of wedding or engagement pictures. This in also done in burgundy vinyl and before tape was added I took a picture of it. This can be applied right onto the walls in this form or can be applied to wood, metal and many other forms of plaques. This can also be done in different vinyl colors and fonts and sizes. Ideal for a gift to give any couple or family to add to any arrangement of pictures on any wall.
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Always Kiss Me Goodnight


This is made on a metal vintage looking sign. The color of the vinyl is burgundy. Its a very popular saying and one many couples like to put above their beds or above pictures of themselves. This is my first one that I have made with this quote on it and it can be done many different ways in many different fonts and colors of Vinyl to match in home decor. This is a new item by Endless Possibilities.
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Home, and Today is a Gift Quotes done in Vinyl Lettering for Walls

both these quotes are very simple and have great meaning in any ones home. They can be done hundreds of different ways and in any color and on any surface. Meaning, walls, wood, metal, tiles, plaques, glass etc... These are available on our store for sale also.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Review/Giveaway on Loving Heart Mommy

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Endless Possibilities - Vinyl Lettering Design Review/Giveaway

(These are song lyrics, just to give you an idea of how you customize your walls)

The possibilities are literally endless at Endless Possibilities when it comes to vinyl lettering design. Cori Pearson creator of the very trendy vinyl designs has a large variety of options for wall decor, door decoration, name plaques, tiles, and even lettering logos for your business.

(Door decor)

Vinyl lettering which is adhesive-backed can be applied to a variety of things: walls, windows, furniture, wood, metal, glass, tile, your car, and even on ceramics (check out her new Piggy Bank).

Endless Possibilities doesn't stop there, looking for a great gift idea? She can customize just about anything to your preference, including the Fonts.

(Great gift idea for your children)

Last Christmas I was blessed with this beautiful table topper of a Christmas Tree that came personalized with my families names, it was the most talked about center piece in our house over the holidays, everyone loved it, including myself!

(Lettering applied to a mirror, great for a child's room)

A bit about Cori:

Cori Pearson age 34 is a Military Brat and Military Wife for just that long, 34 years!! I love my country and the people who serve our great nation.

I am a mother of 4 wonderful children, Sami 12 1/2 years old, Ethan 10 years old, Hannah 7 years old, Elijah 5 years old. They are my joy and my reason for living.

I have been married to my husband Chris for 14 yrs this Nov 18th! Still together and making it work. He has been my rock when I got sick, and picked up were I left off well. He is my right arm in my business. He crunches numbers for me with our software to make quotes and sayings fit on what a customer wants when I can't get it to!

My family is everything to me and when my illness took over my life, Vinyl Lettering came in and helped me find a reason to get up and do something fun and do something I have always loved and that is to create beauty in my own home and now in others.

We currenlty live in San Antonio, TX after living in the Big State of Alaska for the past 4 years. We loved it there and hope to one day move back,but for now Texas is home. As the saying in the military wife's quote goes " Home is where your military sends you, or where your husband say's were head to next!" Its our life and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Cori's motto is: There is no better place to create beauty and understanding than in your own home, that is something we should all apply to our lives!


We have a giveaway and discounts to offer from Endless Possibilites!
The item for giveaway is a Personalized Vinyl Wall Quote.

You get up to "2" lines and 3 inches in height for the lettering!

If you like what you see and want to decorate now please use the following discounts with your order:

Reader Discount:
Get 10% off your total order after ordering 3 items, or after reffering 3 friends! When ordering remind who send ya to collect your 10% off discount! (Loving Heart Mommy)

How to enter the Giveaway:
Check out Endless Possibilities Etsy Store and/or her Blog let me know an item that interests you and what saying you'd use.

Extra Entries:
Order from Endless Possibilites and get 25 extra entries
Blog about this, with a link back to Endless Possibilites
Tweet about it and follow me on twitter

Giveaway ends: March 24th at Midnight

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sisters Quote done in Lime Green!


This has become a very popular item for Endless Possibilities. Everytime I get to do it in another color for more little girls rooms. Here I am showing it off in a Lime-Tree Green. This is the original version of the quote. The last one posted was converted to honor Triplet Sisters! I also have tons of Brother quotes if anyone ever wants to have something along those lines for boys. Below on Endless Possibilities Blog at the very bottom are over 2500 quotes to choose from if you are ever looking for something unique or simple.
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Sweet Baby James Custom Plaque


This was a custom order plaque by nothing other than a proud Aunt who wanted this for her nephews new nursery. Its done in his nursery colors and it came out so cute. The litte quote over the name James is my favorite as I am sure it will be there's. So Welcome Sweet Baby James to the World and we hope that you love the plaque made just for you.
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Newton Engagement Plaque


This is a custom order name plaque ordered by a customer who wanted to give something so special to the couple at the Bridal Shower. It turned out so nice and sweet and is the perfect gift I know the couple will love for a long time to come. This can be custom made in any color of wood and Vinyl and font. I love doing this type of work for my customers because it shows off the Many Endless Possibilities that can happen with Vinyl Lettering.
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