Friday, January 15, 2010

Custom Valentine's Day Anniversary Plaque Preview

This is the perfect gift for anniversary gifts. This plaque is actually the perfect colors for a this couple who married on Valentine's Day last year and will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary with this as a gift. We hope they enjoy it with many more years to come!

Custom Quote Plaque Antiqued/Worn Look Design Preview

Custom Antiqued/Worn The Kiefers Plaque Design Preview

Custom Antiqued/Worn Hagerman Wedding Plaque Preview

McCormick Custom Anniversary/Family Plaque Preview

The Fly Family Custom Plaque Preview

Custom NFL COLTS Name Plaque Design Proof

We love the look of these NFL plaques we are able to do. As with all our NFL/ College Football or any sport you desire, we can help make a plaque to fit what your looking for in your own home, bedroom, sports room, or as the perfect gift to that friend of yours who just loves thier team!

Custom NFL Patriots Logo Name Plaque Design Preview

As with all our NFL Plaques we can custom make them to your prefrence's, or the same with the name change. These particular plaques were made for a boy's favorite team to go in his bedroom that is decorated in Patriot colors. This is the perfect addition to his room.

Custom NFL Bronco's Name Plaque Design Preview

These NFL Plaques can be made anyway you desire. If you prefer it not to have a name on it but just logos or have the team names on them etc.... whatever you wish to go on these plaques we can help. These are fast becoming a very popular item with us here at Endless Possibilities and we have found that no one can beat our price!

The Foster Family Lg. Metal Sign Preview

Marks Custom Wedding/Engagement Plaque Preview

Custom Quote Plaque... done with a quote written by our client.

A Custom Quote Plaque done for a customer with a special quote for families and friends who don't live just next door but in our hearts."After all seasons change, and so do cities. People come into your life and people go. Its comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart, and if your very lucky a plane... ride away." Chris I love this quote and might just make one for ourselves. Enjoy and remember no matter the quote, or the size of wood, or style you need, we can help!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Endless Possibilities is Now Open with 2 Online Stores. Welcome to our newest online store at ArtFire.Com!!!

Well, we are expanding! We now have two special places that we sale at online. We opened our first store on on Aug 08'. With the huge take off this year of our store on we decided to open at another Artisan Online Site with all homemade, handmade sellers. As we make everything by hand here at Endless Possibilities this is the perfect additional place to open up a 2nd store. It fits our customer base just perfect! We are still building the site and we will be selling the same items that are on our Etsy's Store.  However, we are very excited, about expanding.and hope that we find new customers and word spreads. Some people find hard to use, so maybe this site will be easier for certain client bases. I have included the link and we would just like to say how excited we are, and were as there are huge difference's with Etsy and Artfire we hope that they both turn out to be a huge success and blessings not only to us but our friends, family and customers/clients who order from us. We love to bring joy to weddings, couples, familys, homes and business with our customized work. Thank you again for a great 2009, and we look forward as we push onward to a great 2010! Chris, Cori  Pearson    Endless Possibilities in Vinyl Lettering Design. San Antonio, TX 78236 ( our new online store at (our online store at