Friday, May 22, 2009

New Picture Frames done with the Family Defention on it.

These are such great frames! They are the perfect size to apply Vinyl Lettering on it. Its a adaption of the big wood frames with quotes on them and when I found these frames I just got excited and thought about my customers who would love these as well to put in their homes. Its in a dark wood with creme vinyl lettering. It holds a 8x10 picture of your family. This makes a great gift to any family for any occasion. It is a Wall Hanging Frame not a A Frame. So it must hang on the wall. We hope you like these as much as we do and if you want a different color vinyl lettering on it, please just let us know. We hope you like it.
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A New Item From Endless Possiblities Large Picture frames with Marriage Defention on it.

Oh... I have found something I really love. I am a huge picture frame person and when I found these big picture frames with the wide wood on the side was perfect adaptation to the big frames with quotes and sayings on them that you can put pictures in. We decided to try to make our own version it and it turned out so pretty. Its wedding season and I know my brides are going love this frame. Its a bit more pricey than my normal stuff because of the size and solid wood. However, its the perfect wedding gift or shower gift or even a gift to yourself to put your own wedding picture in. This is a Wall Hanging Frame. Not a A Frame. The picture size it holds is 8x10. Wood is white with black vinyl lettering. We Hope you Like It as Much we do.
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Cirillo Custom Wedding Plaque

This is another customized wedding plaque order we had. It is from our popular black wedding plaque but customized to the brides colors of her wedding. Black, White, and yellow accents. Hence, the first names were done in yellow to accent the plaque and boy did it make it so pretty and pop! I just love these colors together and it made it truly their own. We hope you like it!
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Curtiss Custom Wedding/Engagment Plaque with Border

This is a custom plaque order for a couple who loved our very popular black wedding plaque. However, they changed it up to adding a nice border. It is so cute and looks so nice!! All Wedding/Engagement Plaques can be customized to any style and design our customers want. Paint color, Vinyl Colors and Fonts. We hope you like it!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Custom Designed Wedding/Engagement Plaque with Wedding Colors

This was another custom wedding plaque that we completed for a customer who wanted the coloring to match her wedding colors of Chocolate Brown, White and Gold. It turned out really pretty and because we don't have this design or coloring yet on Endless Possibilities we will be adding it as a new design and option to choose from. As with all Custom Wedding/Engagement Plaques you can customize them to fit any design you are looking for. You can choose the colors of your wedding or home decor or bedroom decor etc... There are truly Endless Possibilities when it comes to creating one of these for yourself or as a wedding shower gift or wedding gift itself. Feel free to contact us anytime and if you wish to add Decals like vines etc... please let us know, we can help! We hope you like it.
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Personalized Baby Boy Plaque

I was recently hired to make plaques for a set of twins. One a boy and one a girl. Obviously this is for baby boy Chandler. Dad was a big part in designing this plaque because as you can tell they like sports! Especially baseball! The colors were chosen to match their baby's bedding in his crib to hang above his crib. It turned out so cute and I am in love with how it turned out. We were able to add custom decals to it and really make it a custom plaque for their new son. As with all plaques from Endless Possibilities we can customize anything. We can change the size of wood and colors of paint, vinyl and fonts styles. We can even add decals if you ask. Most of the time we have them and if not we can find them for you. This is a new design that we will also be adding to our Endless Possibilities Store with more to come! We hope you like it!
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Personalized Baby Girl Plaque

I was recently hired to do two plaques for a set of twins that were born on April 23rd. They were a boy and a girl. This is the baby girl Aubrey's plaque for above her crib. The colors were customized by the new glowing parents to match their daugthers bedding in her crib, chocolate brown and pink. Not shown here is we are adding brown ribbon with pink polka dots to it for it to hang above the bed. This is a option with all our plaques or the teeth hangers on the back. She is their princess and I was able to add some baby decals to represent that for them. This is a new design for Endless Possiblities with more children and baby stuff to come! We hope you like it!
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Shhh Baby Sleeping Hanging Door Sign!

This was a order for a couple who just had twins. You don't see it on the picture but will be adding Black ribbon to the top so that this sign can hang on their front door and on the babys room door. It turned out soooo cute! This can be done in so many colors and fonts. This was done in this design because they had a boy and a girl so its neutral and goes with the home decor. Its also the perfect baby shower gift to any couple who just had a baby and want to put out that special reminder!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Mickey Custom Wedding Plaque Preview

This is a Preview for the soon to be Mickey Family to see. We hope you like it and Congrats on your upcoming wedding. This design was chosen from a very popular wedding plaque on our Etsy Store. With all Wedding/Engagement or Family plaques, they can be ordered and then changed to a custom job to any colors and fonts of your choosing.
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Burek Custom Wedding Plaque Preview

This is a preview for the customer to see the final product of thier plaque that they ordered from our store. Its the same exact design and a very popular design we have at Endless Possibilities. We hope you like it!
(Sorry one of the pictures is a little fuzzy:(
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Martinez Custom Wedding Plaque

This is a preview of a custom wedding plaque we just did. The customer ordered a plaque from our site and then changed the colors and choose her fonts to make the plaque match her home decor. We love doing custom plaque orders. Any Ideas are never turned away. We work with our customers to make exactly the type of plaque or Wall Quote they are looking for and we send out many proofs by email till they are approved by our customers and then we go to work on the final product. This plaque design will be for sale at our Etsy Store as a new design. Hope you like it!
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Paules Custom Wedding Plaque

This is a picture of a wedding plaque that is very popular right now with Endless Possibilities. Where as we have done this design before this is a New Name and a Preview for my customer to view the finished product. Here at Endless Possibilities even if its the same design as seen before with a new name we will always post on our blog a preview of the finished product so our customers can see what they are getting in the mail. Before we make the finished product to post on our blogs we also do something extra for our customers. We send them a proof by email of what their order will look like. This gives not only the customers the chance to make any changes to their plaques but it also saves time and money because we do not waste product by making them first and having to re due them. Our customers seem to really like that we do this for them and give them the chance to custom design their own if they so choose too. We hope you like your wedding plaque!
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Austin Custom Wedding Plaque

Here is another example of custom work done by Endless Possibilities in Vinyl Lettering Design. When purchasing a Wedding/Engagement Plaque from Endless Possibilities the sky is the limit. You don't have to have it made just like the picture on our site. Those are just pictures of plaques we have custom made and are available. This plaque is a great example of a customer who wanted the perfect gift and to custom design it by color of paint, color of vinyl and fonts. After a good week of working together we have made what is a one of a kind wedding plaque for our customer. We hope you like it! We will add this new design to our Etsy Store also for a wide range of selection and variety.
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More Plaques Made for Nana INC... on the North Slope of Alaska

Here are some plaques we have made for the Nana Corporation out of Anchorage Alaska. Some of these are made to remind their employee's about attitude and to remind them of job requirements and to remind them of their safety while working on the North Slope on the Oil Pipeline for the Summer. We will be posting soon the Vinyl Wall Quotes and Safety Signs we made for the company to put in the building on doors and equipment soon so other company's can see all the different types of work we can do with Vinyl Lettering.
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Custom Made Buisness Plaques Endless Possibilities was hired to make for Nana INC on the North Slope of Alaska

Recently, Endless Possibilities was hired to make 8 wood plaques of all shapes and sizes and quotes for a company called Nana INC. They work up on the North Slope of Alaska for the Oil Pipeline. During the summers they hire high school graduates to work on a program called the Summer Hire Program. This gives these kids on the job training and job experience few get to have. Plus it makes for a great resume in the future. Most of these kids take the money earned to put toward a college education for their futures. Not only did we make these plaques we have made tons of Vinyl Wall Quotes and Safety Signs to put up all over their building. We were honored to have been hired to do this big project and have been working hard to do the job right. These are examples of the type of work and custom work we can do for anyone or any business/company. See Vinyl Lettering is so much more than just for our homes, it can also be turned into daily reminders of what is important in life. God, Family, and a love for your work! So please keep Endless Possibilities in mind if you ever need any custom work done for your company or business. We may be just what your looking for.
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Monday, May 4, 2009

DeMoss Custom Wedding/Engagement Plaque

This plaque was purchased as a wedding gift to the soon to be "DeMoss Family". The only change from ones I have made in this color before is the last name is done in white on this plaque and first names done in dark tan colored vinyl. Again, all plaques can be ordered and custom made to look like what the customer wants. Customers can pick the colors of paint for wood, colors of vinyls, and font styles and what they want it to say. Our goal is customer satisfaction and we strive to meet that goal. SO if you like this plaque but want it to match the wedding colors or home decor it can be done by Endless Possibilities.
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