Friday, October 31, 2008

Custom Scripture Plaque order preview!


This is a custom order of a scripture plaque for a lady who's father is a missionary who just came back from Africa and is starting his own church. She ordered this for his new office! How appropriate and very nice! Courtney I hope you like this sneak peek at it!!!

God Bless,
Cori Pearson
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Christmas plaque


This is a really pretty quote for Christmas that I made. I am going to add some Christmas ribbon so it can hang and it will look really pretty!
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Zaim Family Plaque


This is a personalized family name plaque for the Zaim Family. I wanted to give them a sneak peek at it. Your wall quote is coming with this in the mail. Can't wait for Jamie to take pictures of the items she ordered in her own home!!! Hope you like it Jamie.

God Bless,
Cori Pearson
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Day's I am being featured in Showcase's on Etsy. So come take a look inside!!!

November 1 2008: Storque Main Showcase

November 1 2008: Everything Else Showcase

November 3 2008: Holidays: Home Decor Showcase

November 6 2008: Holidays Showcase

November 7 2008: Storque Main Showcase

November 7 2008: Holidays: Home Decor Showcase

November 10 2008: Holidays Showcase

Also all military get a 10% off total order amount. All people who refer to me, after 3 refferals get a $15 gift card to use in my store on any item or toward any custom order. Holidays are upon us, So look soon for a great Holiday Shopping coupon to use at Endless Possibilities in Vinyl Lettering Design. COMING SOON!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey everyone! I just had to let you know that over at Tip Junkie, they are supporting Mom's who make handmade items :) THey're trying to promote business to all of us SAHM's who want to make a few extra bucks. Please help support the cause! This year, buy handmade items!! There are many more Mom-prenuer's over at Tip Junkie so check it out!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Endless Possibilities Quotes and Phrases Listed Below!

Because this happens to me all the time when I don't take time to look at a blog all the way down, I thought maybe I should let my customers know that after a month of hard work and research I have added below on this blog TONS and TONS!!! of Phrases and Quotes for any occasion you can think of. Now I spent countless hours listing all these quotes and separating them by sentences to be easy to read. Wouldn't you know it, blogger just jumbled them all together! Great, now after spending all that time to help my customer base I finally went back and spent more countless hours (thank goodness for school hours!!!) and tried to put a comma between every phrase and quote to help you read them better below. I have come up with over 2500, Yes, 2500 quotes and phrases to choose from!! So if you are having a hard time deciding on the perfect thing to say in Vinyl Lettering, let me help you. Your category's are as follows:
1.Family/Home/ & Home Business or Office Quotes
2.Babies,Son's/Daughter/ Children/Kids Quotes
3.Live/Life/Love/Peace Quotes
4.Nothing like Friendship & Fun Quotes
5.Religious/Missioniary/ Faith Quotes
6.Inspirational/ Soul/ Courage Quotes
7.Kitchen/Bathroom/Laundry Room Quotes
8.American/Patriotic Quotes
9.Music, Art & Sport Quotes
10.Humorous Quotes
11.Garden/Nature Quotes
12.Seasonal/Holiday Quotes

So as you can see there are a lot of category's to choose from with tons of options to go threw and read and find the best phrase or quote to suit you and your home or business or anything that fills the needs you are looking for. I am currently working on a collection of fonts I have. I have over 220 fonts to choose from and some really cute Holiday Ones that are new. Now if I could just figure out how to stop blogger from posting them all in regular typed font like this!!! So if anyone knows how to post fonts styles in its name on blogger I would be most grateful!!! Everything is a work in progress! So enjoy and don't forget, scroll to the bottom of the page for all your Quote needs!
Cori Pearson
Endless Possibilities in Vinyl Lettering Design!
Don't forget to go check out our Store at Tons of New Holiday items coming soon along with lots of new order pictures!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Winner of Katydid and Kid Giveaway of Halloween Blocks! CONGRATS REBECCA!!!

This is Rebecca!
The winner of the Katydid and Kid Review/Giveaway!!! She lives in Tulsa, OK!!! We have traveled threw there in the summer of 07'!! WE loved OK and thought it was a beautiful place to live. Rebecca has a brand new website that she won actually!! Its called "Mommyhood Is Thankfulness!" She just got a brand new button and it looks great! I love her Button Love Section, how cool is that! I think I need one of those too with all the buttons I have been acquiring. Rebecca choose to get the Halloween Blocks this year for next Halloween. I am hoping to get them to her in time for Halloween this year, fingers crossed but no promises. I am a big supporter of at Home Mom Business and Rebecca also fits that bill! So Congrats Rebecca on Winning the Giveaway and I look forward to hearing from you real soon!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Winner of Spooktackler Halloween Blocks!!!

This is Lyssa,
She is the Winner of The Spooktackler Giveaway of Halloween Blocks from Endless Possibilities!!! She also lives here in San Antonio, TX!!! I have added her blog address below for you to go and check out her count them "2" Etsy Stores. She makes great things. I am a strong supporter in Mom's Home Business and Lyssa fits that bill! Congrats Lyssa for Winning. Blocks are soon to be on there way!

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Review & Giveaway on Katydid and Kid! Come check it out!

I am so honored to have been given the chance to be Reviewed on Katydid and Kid's Blogsite that is not only a great site and run by a great lady, but by a Mom Business Supporter! She wrote this glowing review of my shop and the Vinyl Lettering I create! I have added her button to the right side of my blog(scroll down to find) so you can click on it and go right to her blog page and see what is going on, on her blog as well. She does great product reviews and well as write humurous blogs and gives us all updates on her family. So check out my review and go check out Katydid and Kid!

Products, Reviews
Giveaway: Endless Possiblities Vinyl Wall Art

Have you ever wanted to write on your walls? Probably lots of you have crayon-scribbled walls, courtesy of your budding artists, but maybe you'd like something a little more sophisticated, perhaps a quote from Proust or a silhouette of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec (or maybe someone that you've actually heard of).

You may have tried stenciling, but the results to me just never look right. My stencils always look, shall we say, rustic, and that's not quite the style that I have in my home. Especially when I've stenciled words; they tend to look fuzzy and not uniform in color.

Finally, there's a solution to that problem. Vinyl lettering! You might have seen a few online vendors who sell these stick-on letters for you walls, windows, doors, cars, laptops, trays, and really anything you can think of. There truly are endless possibilities when it comes to vinyl. How appropriate that the vendor of these vinyl letters is named Endless Possibilities. Owner Cori Pearson creates lovely products like trays...

picture frames...

...block words...

and even custom made designs. She can make anything you want in whatever size, color and font you have a crush on (font addict here).

She kindly made me my son's name for over his crib

and a classy Welcome sign for my back door, which were both by my own custom design.

It was so easy to work with Cori, even though we live many states away from each other. We emailed back and forth, with me giving her my specifications of size, color and font. I love supporting mom-owned businesses, and Cori definitely qualifies with four kids. Check out her blog too for more of her creations.

When my vinyl order arrived, it was really easy to install. Now I do have to admit that I have an advantage over the normal user, since I worked in an art museum where we use vinyl letters on the wall all the time for our changing exhibitions. But it really is simple to do, and Cori can send you instructions on how to put up your own vinyl.

The great thing about the vinyl is that when you're sick of the design, you just peel them off. No repainting, so sanding to get rid of the ghost lines that you can sometimes see underneath a second coat of paint.


Cori from Endless Possibilities is generously offering a set of holiday blocks! Your choice of Halloween


or Christmas

To enter:
1. Visit Endless Possibilities and leave a comment on this post telling me what you'd buy for your home. What quote or words would you put on your walls?
2. Make sure your email address is in the comment or is easily accessible via your blog profile or blog itself. I need a way to contact you!
3. For one extra entry, blog about this post and leave a separate comment letting me know
4. For a second extra entry, post my button (code is on my right hand sidebar) on your blog OR subscribe to my newsletter and let me know you've done this in a separate comment .

This giveaway is for US postal addresses only.

You must do the first two things in order to enter ("I want to win, thanks!" comments will NOT be considered). You will have until Saturday October 25th at 11:59pm EST to enter. The winner will be chosen via random number generator the next day and notified by email. I'll also post the winner on my blog. If I don't hear back from the winner by Tuesday at noon, I'll pick another.

Good luck and thanks to Cori from Endless Possibilities! Please support her business this holiday season. Her vinyl creations would make such unique gifts!

Endless Possibilities New Button to add to Websites!


I am being featured on two Mommy Blogs for a Giveaway. Come check it out and win a set of Halloween Blocks just for you!

>Sunday, October 12, 2008
Endless Possibilities in Vinyl Lettering Design
Enter at eiter one of these sites to win a set of Free Halloween Blocks in the Spooktackler Giveaway!

By now you all should know how much I love Vinyl Wall lettering. I love to put the quotes up all over the house. It really makes the house inviting and friendly, not to mention it gives off a nice vibe and shows what kind of family lives there.

When you first walk into my home you will see a family wall plaque that says "Acuna Family, Established in 2003" and other various family quotes throughout the home. Even in the girls room. Of course these quotes are taken from Disney movies, but the girls do love them.

Endless Possibilities in Vinyl Lettering Design offers the most adorable wooden blocks for the Holidays.

For Halloween check out the Happy Halloween Wooden Blocks . Each block is individually painted and can be stacked however you like. The blocks width and height are 4" and fit perfectly on either a mantel or window seal.

I received one of these adorable Halloween Block sets and just love them. I had so much fun decorating for Halloween and these blocks finished off my living room just nicely.

There are wooden blocks for Thanksgiving and Christmas, all painted in fun festive colors with cute vinyl sayings on the front.

There is no better place to create beauty and understanding than in your
home. By placing quotes or phrases on your walls or furniture, you can express
your style in a way that no other decorating technique can. Endless Possibilities
offers affordable, easy to apply wall lettering that can enhance the ambiance of
your home. You can create unique phrases with adhesive-backed vinyl letters to
apply to walls, windows,furniture,wood,metal,glass,tile,& logo's. Your
imagination is the limit.

We are moms who love to share other moms and to support each other. We hope that you take the time to visit Endless Possibilities in Vinyl Lettering Design and find some fun decor for the holidays.

Don't forget to check out the Vinyl Wall Lettering where you can find some fun and humorous vinyls.

WIN: You cna win a Halloween Wood Block set during our SPOOKtacular Event

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I have learned .....

This is a new Christmas item that I will be adding to my Come Check us out!
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Friday, October 10, 2008

New Holiday Items

New Items for my customers to get first look at and get first pick at Personalizing something they like before its gone!! Enjoy!!

I have a bad habit... I buy items I see and know I can apply vinyl too!!! It doesn't matter where I go. If I see something I like, I buy it and add vinyl to it of my choosing to sale. As my daughter and husband said to me the other night, "Try putting all your items on a slide show for your customers to see first before you add vinyl so they can pick something they like and you can personalize that item just for them and no one else!" Hmmmm? So I did it. These are all my projects to add to my store. If you see something you would like and have a specific quote or saying or personalization you would like done to it, just say the word and that item is yours only! I hope you all like these cute items. I just love them. I will be adding vinyl to some of them soon to sale on Etsy. So let me know soon if you see something you want!
Thank you for all your wonderful support as I expand items that you can apply vinyl too! There are truly Endless Possibilities in Vinyl Lettering Design!

PS... I added pictures of my plotter/cutter and vinyl. I get lots of questions regarding what type of machine I have and were do I get my vinyl at and for new mom business always ask for help or advice and just yesterday someone emailed me and said,"How do you store all your vinyl?" Well here is a shot of how. Up on the walls on Vinyl Rack Holders! All my vinyl and some of my supplies come from My Plotter is a Master Tiger 1000, 28 inch. I bought it at, or you can also buy plotters on Ebay a bit cheeper! I hope this helps answer some questions for customers and fellow Vinyl Mom Business People out there!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The best of all gifts around the Christmas tree...



I just love this Christmas quote. Its a quote that you can use different way's. Place it on a wall above a shelf and put family pictures of Christmas's past with loved ones who are not with you this Christmas, or of your kids opening presents with you on Christmas morning while your floor is covered with wrapping paper. This would also look good on wood, a 12x12 inch piece of gray slate, or a flat metal sign. Anyway, you add it, will make others wish they had the same idea you did to reconized missing loved ones around the Christmas tree or Christmas morning's past.

:The best of all gifts around the Christmas tree:
The presence of a happy family all
wrapped up in each other."
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Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!


This too is a perfect holiday vinyl wall quote to add to your walls at Christmas time. Its up beat, its a very cute font and just the perfect way to add that special touch that no one else will have. We all take down our every day pictures, and clear the shelves and make room for our Christmas decor. This quote can be added to a painted wooden plank also to give it a extra touch. Wall Words are very popular right now and this is just another great reason why!
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Love came down at Christmas


This is a beatiful Christmas saying that I found. I just love it. Vinyl is so easy to apply to your walls and just as easy to remove from your walls. This saying would also look cute on any bigger sized wood plank, but I like it also as a Wall quote. You can add that extra something around your Christmas tree or by any decoration as a accent. Everyone, will wonder where in the world you found time to add something so nice and wonder were you got it! After all, it is the season for giving and sharing!

"Love came down at Christmas,
Love all lovely, love divine;
Love was born at Christmas,
Stars and angels gave the sign."
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I count my blessings by name... Sami, Ethan, Hannah, Elijah


This is a metal washed 4x6 picture frame. I found it and it was the perfect coloring to go in my livingroom and thought my customers might like it also. This is sweet saying for you to have and add a picture of your child or children in, or it can be used for couples, parents, close family or friends. Just change up the saying however you want or custom you own saying. You have Endless Possibilities with a item like this.
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Sliegh Bells Ring...are you listening


This is the cutest snow sliegh to add as a center piece on a table with a candle and some holly around it inside and out or a those famous red Christmas plants(I know what its called I just don't know how to spell it right, poinsetta??) You have Endless Possibilities with this item that you could do. You could even fill it with candy canes! Sliegh Bells Ring is on the side of it and at a angle you can ...are you listening on the inside. Its way cuter in person, I am not a very good photographer, sorry! However, I hope you can still see it well with these pictures.
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Ceramic white t-shirt & baby feet to announce the Birth of your child!


I found these cute little tokens that are so cute to put your new baby's name, weight, and birthdate on when that speical baby arrives. I put my baby ribbons on them that are chuncky, and I also have slim fine (same color) ribbon to run thru holes and hang on a door or wall in your baby's nursery. These also make great baby shower, or welcome baby gifts.
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Adoption is a Gift from God


This is a white ceramic 4x6 frame. I have lots of friends who have adopted children and fell in love with this saying just to be able for new parents to celebrate and embrace their child. Its a perfect gift for that special family or a baby shower gift.
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