Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Phillip & Sabrina All because two people fell in love Wedding Plaque

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Team Cloutier Family Wedding Plaque

Len & Marlene Custom Anniversary plaque with Scripture Overlay

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NEW Custom Quote Plaque for Endless Possibilities! Never Lie, Steal, cheat or drink!

We will be adding this plaque to our store as a new quote item that we have never made before. I love this quote and I love the coloring of it. This is the perfect quote for any space in your home. It can be done on wood like here on our 9x24 size cut wood, or as vinyl wall lettering done in any style of font and color. As with all things with Endless Possibilities, if you see this and like it but want different color of paint, vinyl lettering color and font style we can help!

Duncan Custom Wedding Plaque

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Jones Custom Wedding Color Themed Plaque

Corben Family Plaque

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Martin Custom Lg. Tan Metal Wedding Sign

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Monday, April 4, 2011

New Quote for our Shop~ Home is where the heart is... Customer Designed coloring scheme.

This plaque is a new quote that we have done in vinyl lettering for walls but never on a plaque. We will be adding this to our store for sale. This was a custom ordered plaque and the colors were selected by the customer. I love black and white with a bright color that pops! This plaque can be ordered and custom made to your liking as well. By that I mean, change the colors of paint and vinyl lettering and font designs.

Waeltz Custom Family American Flag Plaque

Geraldi Custom Anniversary Plaque

Lewis Custom Family Plaque

Garcia Custom Family Plaque

Arnold Custom Anniversary Plaque

Happily Ever After Without the border for Bronwyn & Ben