Thursday, September 17, 2009

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Long Holiday Blocks done in each holidays colors with qoute that can be changed to fit your own family needs.


THERE BACK!!!! Last years Holiday Long Block Hit. We sold many of these blocks last year and knew it was that time of year again to get them back up and posted and for sale for our customers. Each block is cut and sanded and painted and the font style is done for each theme. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
We choose simple quotes for them that most people seem to really love. Last year we had some order them and change up the quotes on the blocks which are fine. These are the perfect window seal, fireplace mantel, end table, shelf home decor. If you like to decorate your home for each season these are the perfect item for you.

These blocks are also not limited to the holidays. We have made these blocks for many differnt occasions. Birth Announcments, Disney quotes for childrens bedrooms, special baby lullaby quotes and more. We can make them just to sit on top of each other or tie them up with a bow or put a bow on top in the color of your choice (if we can find it). We try here at Endless Possibilities to do as much custom work as possible and to give our customers the freedom to see something but want it done their way. We love the creative side of that and love to help make each piece as custom for our clients as they want them to be. You may also order them as they are. Most do.

Please not that all decor with the blocks do not come with them. Only the blocks are sold.
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Give Thanks Holiday Blocks with Each Letter on a Individual block and color.


I love these blocks. These are another Signature Designed Custom Holiday Blocks that Endless Possibilities Makes. We cut each block a different size and paint them and sand the edges and apply a vinyl letter to each one to spell out the quote desired. These are for Thanksgiving obviously! We have made these blocks with Childrens names on them in the colors of bedrooms, we have made them for a special Christmas Quote, and even put a family's last name to put on their fire place mantels in the colors to match their livingroom. Again, with the holidays coming I am trying to post all of our Signature items that were hits with our customers last year.

As with all things here at Endless Possibilities you can buy these and change the quote and colors of each block. Or have them made to look the same as the Give Thanks Blocks. The choice is simply yours to make. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner I knew it was time to start posting and getting our most popular items out there.

We are making some new Holiday items soon to be posted as well. So please be on the look out for those as well.
Green Leaves and Pumpkin do not come with the blocks.
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Large Glass Blocks filled with fall leaves with the quote AUTUMN... we rake..we pile...we jump


These are the cutest glass blocks that you can do anything with. These are our large glass blocks. I am currently making some Christmas Small Glass Blocks that will be for sale and shown soon filled with white Christmas lights.
This is the cutest quote for any home that likes to decorate for Fall Time!
Its actually my favorite time of the year after summer! I love when the leaves turn colors and fall on the ground and the air is crisp and the sun is shining down. Plus if you have kids like me it even more fun as the quote says to Rake, Pile and Jump right into a big pile of those fall leaves.

These Large Glass Blocks can be done in a Endless Number of ways. If you have a idea other than what is shown please feel free to email me or convo me threw Etsy and ask. We love to custom work and if you have a idea and want to change up the look of these glass blocks at Endless Possibilities you have that freedom! We have many decals and seasonal decals. We can put most any font on here that fits and you can cover both sides of the glass block if you so desire.

I have seen these at weddings used as decor, and for holidays and as simple home decor to match a theme in a room. I have even seen them used as night lights for childrens rooms with childrens names on them or a Disney Decal. Like always there are Endless Possibilities with these Glass Blocks.

The Holidays are coming so we are getting ready! Check back for even more Holiday items soon to arrive!

Green leaves and pumpkin do not come with the glass block.
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Thankgiving Tile Decor for your home for the holidays. Can be done with any quote and any color of vinyl lettering you desire.


These tiles are the perfect end table, top of kitchen cabinet, shelf, home decor piece. We have white, sand (shown here), gray and tan colors but if you want another color we can do our best to go find it for you. These tiles are so unique in the way that you can do anything with them.
With the Holidays fast approaching I decided to find a simple Thanksgiving quote to put on this tile.
The stand, green leaves and pumpkin do not come with the tile.

If you see this and want a tile but don't want it for a holiday quote but something else feel free to order it. Any quote can go on these tiles for the same cost. You can choose any font that will fit inside the 6x6 size and any color of vinyl lettering.

You truly have Endless Possibilities with these tiles.
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Swathwood Custom Plaque Preview Rush Order

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Snyder/Lieb Custom Plaque Preview RUSH ORDERS

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