Monday, May 11, 2009

Paules Custom Wedding Plaque

This is a picture of a wedding plaque that is very popular right now with Endless Possibilities. Where as we have done this design before this is a New Name and a Preview for my customer to view the finished product. Here at Endless Possibilities even if its the same design as seen before with a new name we will always post on our blog a preview of the finished product so our customers can see what they are getting in the mail. Before we make the finished product to post on our blogs we also do something extra for our customers. We send them a proof by email of what their order will look like. This gives not only the customers the chance to make any changes to their plaques but it also saves time and money because we do not waste product by making them first and having to re due them. Our customers seem to really like that we do this for them and give them the chance to custom design their own if they so choose too. We hope you like your wedding plaque!
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Cori said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! We want to order one just the same as this one! Thanks Cori for all your hard work. Great Customer Service and speedy delivery too.