Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Custom Designed Wedding/Engagement Plaque with Wedding Colors

This was another custom wedding plaque that we completed for a customer who wanted the coloring to match her wedding colors of Chocolate Brown, White and Gold. It turned out really pretty and because we don't have this design or coloring yet on Endless Possibilities we will be adding it as a new design and option to choose from. As with all Custom Wedding/Engagement Plaques you can customize them to fit any design you are looking for. You can choose the colors of your wedding or home decor or bedroom decor etc... There are truly Endless Possibilities when it comes to creating one of these for yourself or as a wedding shower gift or wedding gift itself. Feel free to contact us anytime and if you wish to add Decals like vines etc... please let us know, we can help! We hope you like it.
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Makenzie LaJoy said...

It looks amazing! Thank you so much for all your hardwork. It will look beautiful sitting on the mantle at out reception!

Cori said...

It looks amazing! Thank you for all of your help! You guys did a wonderful job. I will definitly recommend you to others.