Friday, May 22, 2009

A New Item From Endless Possiblities Large Picture frames with Marriage Defention on it.

Oh... I have found something I really love. I am a huge picture frame person and when I found these big picture frames with the wide wood on the side was perfect adaptation to the big frames with quotes and sayings on them that you can put pictures in. We decided to try to make our own version it and it turned out so pretty. Its wedding season and I know my brides are going love this frame. Its a bit more pricey than my normal stuff because of the size and solid wood. However, its the perfect wedding gift or shower gift or even a gift to yourself to put your own wedding picture in. This is a Wall Hanging Frame. Not a A Frame. The picture size it holds is 8x10. Wood is white with black vinyl lettering. We Hope you Like It as Much we do.
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Jody said...

Love this one too!

Cori said...

Chris and Cori,
Where was this frame when I bought my wedding Plaque??? I would have bought this to put our picture in and display it on our gift table. I still might! I love it. You guys do such great work and have great ideas. Love Endless Possibilities