Sunday, October 26, 2008

Winner of Katydid and Kid Giveaway of Halloween Blocks! CONGRATS REBECCA!!!

This is Rebecca!
The winner of the Katydid and Kid Review/Giveaway!!! She lives in Tulsa, OK!!! We have traveled threw there in the summer of 07'!! WE loved OK and thought it was a beautiful place to live. Rebecca has a brand new website that she won actually!! Its called "Mommyhood Is Thankfulness!" She just got a brand new button and it looks great! I love her Button Love Section, how cool is that! I think I need one of those too with all the buttons I have been acquiring. Rebecca choose to get the Halloween Blocks this year for next Halloween. I am hoping to get them to her in time for Halloween this year, fingers crossed but no promises. I am a big supporter of at Home Mom Business and Rebecca also fits that bill! So Congrats Rebecca on Winning the Giveaway and I look forward to hearing from you real soon!!!

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Kristin said...

Cori I just wnated to say thanks there is a special shout out to you in my recent post!