Monday, October 27, 2008

Endless Possibilities Quotes and Phrases Listed Below!

Because this happens to me all the time when I don't take time to look at a blog all the way down, I thought maybe I should let my customers know that after a month of hard work and research I have added below on this blog TONS and TONS!!! of Phrases and Quotes for any occasion you can think of. Now I spent countless hours listing all these quotes and separating them by sentences to be easy to read. Wouldn't you know it, blogger just jumbled them all together! Great, now after spending all that time to help my customer base I finally went back and spent more countless hours (thank goodness for school hours!!!) and tried to put a comma between every phrase and quote to help you read them better below. I have come up with over 2500, Yes, 2500 quotes and phrases to choose from!! So if you are having a hard time deciding on the perfect thing to say in Vinyl Lettering, let me help you. Your category's are as follows:
1.Family/Home/ & Home Business or Office Quotes
2.Babies,Son's/Daughter/ Children/Kids Quotes
3.Live/Life/Love/Peace Quotes
4.Nothing like Friendship & Fun Quotes
5.Religious/Missioniary/ Faith Quotes
6.Inspirational/ Soul/ Courage Quotes
7.Kitchen/Bathroom/Laundry Room Quotes
8.American/Patriotic Quotes
9.Music, Art & Sport Quotes
10.Humorous Quotes
11.Garden/Nature Quotes
12.Seasonal/Holiday Quotes

So as you can see there are a lot of category's to choose from with tons of options to go threw and read and find the best phrase or quote to suit you and your home or business or anything that fills the needs you are looking for. I am currently working on a collection of fonts I have. I have over 220 fonts to choose from and some really cute Holiday Ones that are new. Now if I could just figure out how to stop blogger from posting them all in regular typed font like this!!! So if anyone knows how to post fonts styles in its name on blogger I would be most grateful!!! Everything is a work in progress! So enjoy and don't forget, scroll to the bottom of the page for all your Quote needs!
Cori Pearson
Endless Possibilities in Vinyl Lettering Design!
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