Friday, October 10, 2008

New Items for my customers to get first look at and get first pick at Personalizing something they like before its gone!! Enjoy!!

I have a bad habit... I buy items I see and know I can apply vinyl too!!! It doesn't matter where I go. If I see something I like, I buy it and add vinyl to it of my choosing to sale. As my daughter and husband said to me the other night, "Try putting all your items on a slide show for your customers to see first before you add vinyl so they can pick something they like and you can personalize that item just for them and no one else!" Hmmmm? So I did it. These are all my projects to add to my store. If you see something you would like and have a specific quote or saying or personalization you would like done to it, just say the word and that item is yours only! I hope you all like these cute items. I just love them. I will be adding vinyl to some of them soon to sale on Etsy. So let me know soon if you see something you want!
Thank you for all your wonderful support as I expand items that you can apply vinyl too! There are truly Endless Possibilities in Vinyl Lettering Design!

PS... I added pictures of my plotter/cutter and vinyl. I get lots of questions regarding what type of machine I have and were do I get my vinyl at and for new mom business always ask for help or advice and just yesterday someone emailed me and said,"How do you store all your vinyl?" Well here is a shot of how. Up on the walls on Vinyl Rack Holders! All my vinyl and some of my supplies come from My Plotter is a Master Tiger 1000, 28 inch. I bought it at, or you can also buy plotters on Ebay a bit cheeper! I hope this helps answer some questions for customers and fellow Vinyl Mom Business People out there!

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