Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our First Official Vinyl Logo Job!

This is our first official vinyl logo job! We are finally done and it looks great! I added this because well I have family who want to see it now and see the how the process of doing vinyl really works. Its long and can be monotnus (sorry for mis spelled word)! but its well worth it and it looks so nice. I have tons more projects I am completing so I will be adding more and more of my work to my Endless Possibilities site soon..... I have already begun adding what I am doing slowly. I have tons more, however, Chris and I started big with this logo and anything else like wood, metal, tile, glass, walls, etc... will be cake walks. This has been a 3 day project almost. However, we are pretty done! Just need to put a clear finish on it and its ready for pick up tomorrow(Friday)! I am so glad we were finally able to get this project done for our church. They hired us awhile back but the company took forever figuring out what was wrong with importing the logo's. Now thou, we are set and ready and can do any type of company logo! Thanks and we are open for Business!

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Team Cooper said...

Nice Job on such a big thing! Welcome to being a business owner, and Congrats to opening your doors
(so to speak) :)