Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NEW ITEM BACKPACK STATION to hang backpacks on in your home.


We made this cute long wooden plaque called BackPack Station. The "X" is where we can hang hooks on the plaque for however many children you have. They are silver double sided hooks for durablity. In the school bus you can see you can add your families last name and the inital of last name in the glue bottle decals. We can put your child's name above every hook if wish and more. This is such a cute way of keeping your entryway and your kids backpacks off your floors and right where they should be so your not doing the hunt for backpacks in the morning on your way out the door to school! Once we have ours hung in our house, I will repost new pictures of it so you can see it better, however I wanted to get it posted now for all to see with School now back in session.
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Jody said...

what a cute idea!