Friday, August 21, 2009

Fatherhood Plaque given with thanks from a daughter on her Wedding Day to her Father!! How Sweet is That!!!


We did this plaque for Father's Day as we did a Motherhood one for Mother's Day. Recently, Rebbecca emailed and asked if we could still make it for her because she seen it on our blog but not our shop. Of course, I can still make one. I had just taken all the Father's Day stuff down to add new items etc.... as I always do.
She then began to tell me that she really liked the plaque and that she really wanted a special gift for her father to give to him at her wedding reception as a gift from her to him.

So on the back of the wooden fatherhood plaque we put a little note to her father from herself. It turned out so nice and its such a sweet idea and wonderful idea. No matter what occasion you have going on, if your looking for the extra special gift, something custom or personalized or a special quote that only you and your the person you say it too knows. We can help!!! We have made many custom signs,(even ones we can not publish on our site do to language custom) for like I said, any occasion or event.
You truly have Endless Possibilities when it comes to Vinyl Lettering and custom quotes and sayings etc.....
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