Friday, March 20, 2009

Ideas from my customers along with some of my work done by images sent to me!

When a customer emails me and asked me if I can make something they have seen somewhere else, my answer to them is always well send me a picture of what you seen and we will go from there. Here are some of the pictures sent to me lately and 3 of them I have done for customers. I just haven't gotten pictures of my work on their walls yet which I am really waiting for so I can post them for you all to see. This is something that Endless Possibilities is huge on doing. Beating my competitors prices and my customers coming to me with a picture saying can you do this and can you do it for less then this company is charging? Always, Always I can do it for less! In these tough economical times no one should be charging people the high prices of Vinyl Lettering that I have seen out there. I am one of the cheapest Vinyl Lettering Business out there right now on Etsy and around the Internet. That has been my goal from the beginning and if you find someone cheaper than me. Just ask and I will beat it! We all need to save money these days and by coming to Endless Possibilities you can do that and still have nice Vinyl Lettering on your walls at your own home. So if you see something you like, remember send me the picture of it, and we will create it to how you want it done and we will charge you less then the competition is charging you including your shipping! So come check out Endless Possibilities at and lets see what we can do for you.

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