Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Software Endless Possibilities is now able to use and do for proofs for our customers who want vinyl wall quotes

These look like the Vinyl Wall Quote is actually on the Wall Right??? NOPE!!!! Endless Possibilities aka(Chris the proof designer) found this great new software for us to use and make sending Vinyl Wall Quote Proofs to our Customers. Plus this allows us to add picture's of our work on the blog like we do our plaques and add the Vinyl Wall Quotes that we have made over the years to our site instead of relying on a pictures to come back to us of it on the walls of our customers to post and add to our online site, its truly a win~win situation. I have posted 3 examples above to show you, these would go in our Medium/Large Vinyl Wall Quote category's on our online shop at However, price's do vary depending on how large the quote or how small and how much vinyl used. Here is how it works!!! First, You can email us through our online store in the convo's section the wall quote, color of vinyl, font styles and any added decals you would like along with quote meaning like sports, cars, princess crowns, stars, tree's, swirls,  and most anything you can come up with etc... Second, Then once you have typed out your description to us there is a browse button to add a picture. Take a picture of your wall space. Place a piece of Colored tape where you want the quote to start and end if its one line or you can type it out how you would like it to be on the wall meaning lines, teared, paragraphs etc... Third, Then we take the picture of your blank wall space and add the vinyl wall quote to the picture you sent and computer generate it and send it to you looking like this! The quote is actually computer generated and it looks just like its on your own wall!!! You can edit anything like font styles and colors and make adjustments as you see fit( look at the picture with black and pink, its done in two font styles and colors etc...) and we will edit the proofs till your approve of it and love it. We won't cut it till it is approved as with all our purchases at Endless Possibilities, and the neat thing is when it arrives in the mail to you, you already have a picture of what its really going to look like on your wall space. Depending on the project like I said earlier will depend on the price. We will give you the price of the quote on the convo's for you and put a reserved listing for you with the adjusted price to purchase to move forward with the purchase if it doesn't fall under a price already listed. Purchase must be made first for the work of all proofs,time we spend, cutting and peeling the vinyl, taping it and shipping it out to you in the mail. We also can use this on most items in your home. Picture frames, coasters, tiles, cabinets, mirrors, doors etc.... send us the picture, we will give you the price, purchase and we will start sending you the proofs of the quote right on the item you sent in the picture to us! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! All our wood plaques proofs will remain the same. Those work just perfect but we are super excited about this and we will also be adding new items ourselves we have purchased and adding them to our site for sale using this program so you can customize it to a quote, names, sayings, scriptures and more also. As always with Endless Possibilities, if you see something you like but want to customize it to something you like, just purchase the item and write out instructions in message from buyer section so when invoices are printed out we know how to draw up the customized proof and email it to you to view and edit and approve of.  We love being able to expand our business abilities and learn new unique things with our Vinyl Business. We hope you enjoy it as well.

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