Sunday, February 28, 2010

Customized 10x24 Plaque Preview. A poem written by a wife to her husband Bryan!

This was a customer that we love who ordered this plaque. She has come to us time and time again for things needed. This was suppose to be Bryans Valentine's Day Gift, but due to our computer crash's as most of you know we are just now getting files and software back up and running and all orders filled as fast as we can! I am in love with this poem not only because of the heart that shows in its writing but God's Word. These are her words to her husband.... and a true gift of the heart.

You are... a child of God, a great husband, a tremendous father, compassionate, brave, sensitive, kind, gentle, patient, faithful, loved by our family, fenerous, courageous, honorable, trustworthy, accomplished in your career, handsome, admirable, wise, accepted by God and others, esteemed and respected by peers, intelligent, greater than you believe, adored by your son, loved by your wife, child-like, redeemed, sanctified, restored, going from glory to glory.

You have... a future and a hope, a destiny adn purpose, unique talents and calling, a treasure of gifts to share with the world, and the approval of your heavenly Father.

"Whatever is true...think upon these things." -Philippians 4:8
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