Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Signature Designed Plaque with New Quote.. Today I married my best friend with names and dates in colors to match bedroom decor


While this plaque took a bit longer to make than expected the outcome was well worth it. We were given the challange to try to find the closet blue to our customers bedding in her bedroom and I hope that we met all her expectiations. It turned out very beatiuful and it will be a new item for sale on our online store that I am sure is to be a hit with all our customers either getting married, been married for a anniversary gift, or just a gift to say I love you. Eithe r way this item can be made in any design the customer desires and any colors as you well see. She sent us a picture of her bedroom and we went to work! So please feel free to have a idea and pass it on to us and let see if we can turn your dream into the real thing that you have always wanted in your own home that represents not only how you feel but fits your home decor to a tee.
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