Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Laundry Room Quote(design/item for sale)

I love cute sayings and this one of them. I added this to my laundry room and it just added a bit of color and personality to a room that is not entered into very often in your home. Can be done in any font and color!

Decorate your Teenagers Room with Bright Vinyl Colors and Quotes(design/items for sale)

Do you have a pre-teen or a teenager?? This is so simple yet fun to do! This room only took me an hour to do, and the best part is the vinyl will not peal the paint off the wall. This a great option if you would rather not paint the walls.It also gives that personal touch that your teenager loves. This gives them opportunity to express themselves.

Family Quote.. Perfect for around a favortie family photo or above a fireplace(design for sale)

"Family.... The Love in Our Family Flows Strong and deep, leaving us memories to treasure & keep Forever!" This is a great way to personalize you living room or dining room above a fireplace or around your favorite family picture. It draws attention to the detail and gives it such a personal touch that people love and say "where did you get that or how did you do that"!? A Great conversation piece.

Pokemon Font for older Boys(design/item for sale)

This is a very popular font for boys right now. Pokemon! This makes a great personalized gift for any boys room. Perfect for right on the door or above head board or add to any wall decoration. Any boy would be thrilled to see their name in Pokemon.

A Personalized Saying by a family(design/item for sale)

A family I know have told their children from day one every time they see them or have to discipline them or when the children leave to go to school and so forth " I Love You with All My Heart". I was able to make this for them to put with a picture of their children. How sweet is that!

Spongebob Font for young Boys(design/item for sale)

Every child has their favorite show. Many boys like spongebob! This is a personalized name plaque done in a spongebob font. It so cute. Great idea for above any headboard or door frame.

Every Little Girl Loves Tinker Bell (design/item for sale)

Any little girl who loves Disney Princess's and has a room full of Princess decor would love this addition above any picture of Tinker Bell or Peter Pan. Makes a great gift for any little girls birthday party gift.

Little Boys Quote (design/item for sale)

This is such a cute idea for a baby boy who is now a toddler and wants to be the "Big Boy" now. I have two boys and I can relate. Boys do get into more things then you could possibly know.... What a perfect gift or decoration for your sons room.

Sami's Room Rocks (design/item for sale)

This is a very good way to let young teenage girls express themselves and add their own personality to their own space. Great gift ideas for any teenager, Boy or Girl. Just change the colors!

Hannah's Room (design/item for sale)

This is a cute way to put your child's name on their bedroom door. This can be done many different ways. For lockers, window hanger and more! Also makes a cute baby gift or child's birthday gift.

Ready...Set....!! ROCK!!(design for sale)

This is a really cute font done in white. It stands out and makes a statement! This vinyl can be used for window decals or for logo's on back of tented back windows.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

All Because Two People Fell In Love(design/items for sale)

Simple yet Elegant...the perfect way to show off your children. This is the perfect item to put in any stair case or above a fireplace or bedroom wall or a designated family wall in your home. To add to it and give it more of a personalized touch in your home you can add your child/children's names below their picture. This is available in every color and font. Made to your family's likings.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Ideas for Clients to View

(no picture is a product of Endless Possibilities just ideas for clients to view)

Here are more ideas to give my clients. Enjoy the pictures. I love them and think they are great ideas.... Stick Figure Family & Sport Window Decals soon to come to Endless Possibilities.

Vinyl Lettering Ideas for Clients to View.


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(some images are not mine, just ideas for clients to view and get ideas)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

As I build my site, bare with the changes please!

All Visitors and Customers,
I am rebuilding this site. I hope to soon have a website with Etsy soon, but in the meantime this is it! To the side is pricing. At the bottom of the page is Pricing Policies, and tons and tons of quotes for every occasion you can think of.
That doesn't mean you must pick one of those. I love to personalized work. So feel free to look up a quote or send me a email with your own quote. I try to post new work when I get the chance. I will be adding items and prices more and more as I go along in this business. You never know what you crazy ideas could bring me. I love the challenge to create and help design just about anything you can think of. If you don't see something you are looking for yet again, feel free to email me and ask. It never hurts to ask and see what we can do to make your own creations come to life.
In the meantime, enjoy, create, look, browse, forward me to a friend. The only way to stay with these very low prices is to acquire customers. In advance I thank-you and also ask for patience while we build our business.

Thank you again to all of our family and friends who have supported myself and my husband Chris as we embark on this new adventure.

With God all things are possible, Chris and Cori Pearson
Endless Possibilities!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Second Job for Vinyl Logo's!

All I can say is this is such a blessing.....

Chris took the kids to the pool today and a gentleman came up to him and asked him about the trailer he had seen Chris and I doing. He asked what it was and Chris told him the church hired us to put the Church logo on their trailer with Vinyl. The guy is part of this huge sporting event here in South Texas. Some sort of long lined casting fishing thing. Don't ask I really don't know or understand the whole fishing lingo but he asked if we can do huge banners and put the associations logo and the event dates on it and well yes, we can.... so he said he would be in contact with us very soon to get it done. God is so good!! Chris and I feel very blessed. I will add to site when we have it done it and its complete. I just had to share because so many people stood and watched us do the trailer and asked us how we did it and word of mouth has already gotten around! So cool!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our First Official Vinyl Logo Job!

This is our first official vinyl logo job! We are finally done and it looks great! I added this because well I have family who want to see it now and see the how the process of doing vinyl really works. Its long and can be monotnus (sorry for mis spelled word)! but its well worth it and it looks so nice. I have tons more projects I am completing so I will be adding more and more of my work to my Endless Possibilities site soon..... I have already begun adding what I am doing slowly. I have tons more, however, Chris and I started big with this logo and anything else like wood, metal, tile, glass, walls, etc... will be cake walks. This has been a 3 day project almost. However, we are pretty done! Just need to put a clear finish on it and its ready for pick up tomorrow(Friday)! I am so glad we were finally able to get this project done for our church. They hired us awhile back but the company took forever figuring out what was wrong with importing the logo's. Now thou, we are set and ready and can do any type of company logo! Thanks and we are open for Business!

Aspen, Payton, Trinity " The Triplets"

This is a sweet addition to a bedroom or bathroom. My cousin Jody who is the Triplets Mom has fallen in love with vinyl. So this is a very cute.... thank-you Jody!